Thursday, January 8, 2009

2009 Release Schedule: Weyerbacher

This was posted on BA, apparently sent out in the Weyerbacher newsletter, which is apparently the only major brewery newsletter I don't receive. (Don't worry, I'm all signed up now.)

Announcing Our Seasonal Schedule for 2009:

January - Fireside Ale (used to be Charlie)

February - Heresy & Insanity

March - Slam Dunkel

April - Blanche

May - Muse & Riserva

June - Belgian Pale Ale (another new brew!) <--similar to Alpha maybe?

July - Fourteen

August - AutumnFest & Imp. Pumpkin Ale

September - Harvest Ale (wet hopped) to all areas this year!

October - Winter Ale

November - QUAD

December - T.B.A.

And also,, no price increases on any beers for the year.

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