Sunday, January 18, 2009

Profile: Given2Fly -- Homebrewer extraordinaire

I'll start this post by saying that I've never had any of his beers, but Given2Fly (whose name is Jamie, says BeerAdvocate) has got the setup down pat. I stumbled across this guy's website, and spent about an hour perusing the various contraptions he had built, marveling at the pristine quality of his home-made bar, and drooling over the photos of his beer cellar.

I don't know what this guy does for a living (it sure as hell isn't beer writing), but he's obviously doing well for himself. That said, he outlines cost-effective ways to build fermentation coolers, outdoor homebrew rigs, a bar-top made from vintage beer crates, etc. The man has inspired me to build a bar -- and there's absolutely no room in this draughty little apartment for it. And if I could get away with brewing outside in the (surprise!) eighteen inches of snow currently in my backyard, I'd build myself a homebrew rig, too.

Kudos to you, Jamie. And if you ever need company, look a brother up.


Anonymous said...

Great blog! And you’re correct, I’m not much of a beer writer nor am I a blogger, just someone who loves beer and enjoys the process of brewing it. If you’re ever in my area, drop me a line and we’ll consume a few pints. And if your interested in a sample of my beer, send me your info and I’ll try to send you some ‘test’ samples.

Seth T said...

I've sampled several of his brews and they've all been outstanding. He really knows what he's doing.